Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Lungs" -- A Short Story Cycle


Standard edition

1. "Dog Days Are Over" – 4:12
2. "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" – 3:52
3. "I'm Not Calling You a Liar" – 3:05
4. "Howl" - 3:34 5. "Kiss with a Fist" – 2:04
6. "Girl with One Eye" – 3:38 7. "Drumming Song" – 3:43
8. "Between Two Lungs"– 4:09
9. "Cosmic Love" – 4:15 10. "My Boy Builds Coffins" – 2:56
11. "Hurricane Drunk" – 3:13
12. "Blinding" – 4:40
13. "You've Got the Love" – 2:48


As you have already guessed, ''Lungs'' -- A Short Story Cycle will be based on "Lungs", an album by the British 'Florence + The Machine'. I am rarely inspired by music. Music is my music font. It is responsible for extracting the feelings I need for a scene and translating them into my writing, but never so far have a song, much less an album give birth to a whole pantheon of ideas for a cycle.

'Florence + The Machine' has elevated my creativity beyond what I imagined and while I am not actively working on "Forged in Blood", I felt ideas swirl in and out of my consciousness. I started writing them down and I found myself, entering worlds, which I could do a lot with. As illogical as it is, since I am working on a novel right about now, I decided to start working on this short story cycle.

I am fairly open about my projects, which may or may not be the best decision in my career, since intellectual theft is the current bogeyman and it can happen to anybody. But then again, I cannot always speak about 'Sekrit Projects' [Kaz Mahoney has perfected the practice], so here is the gist of it. The play list will be the short story arrangement. Most short stories will be surreal fantasy, steampunk and urban fantasy. Perhaps a few, even a bit gothic. I am currently drafting out "Cosmic Love" [B-Side title -- "Andromeda"].


Charles Gramlich said...

Never heard of that group. I pretty much only listen to metal.

T.D. Newton said...

Dude, Harry, NPR did a major story on Florence yesterday! She's sooo British, undoubtedly in love with her craft, and all about quality and beauty. Now I love this group & album even more.

Find the story & listen to it here:

Harry Markov said...

@ Charles: Judging by that picture of you on Blogger, I knew you would say that. I myself meddle just a tiny bit with metal. I can listen to rock; industrial and heavy are my limits. After that I have headaches.

@ TD: I love her too. It shows through that she loves her craft and her songs are inspiring. Thanks for the link.

ediFanoB said...

I'm sorry Harry but that is not my kind of music.

Jason Baki said...

Florence and the Machine is a great quirky artist. I am glad you have discovered her. There is something very wild and Pagan about her music. Great vocals as well :)

Harry Markov said...

@ Michael: Yeah, I think I get the picture.:( I hope you like the short stories, though, regardless of music choices.

@ Jason: It'slike you are reading my mind. It's what I love about her.