Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not Much Writing Done


Project: “Forged in Blood”
Present Total Word Count: 32,608
Goal: 100,000 by End May
Percent Reached: 33%

Things Accomplished in Fiction:

Oh boy, how the heck did the week sped by without leaving me any time to do me some writing? I am beyond puzzled, how I dropped the neat schedules and completed almost nothing. There is a new idea, fluttering in my head [another tie-in with the Justice League and one of my future projects] and to be honest I am also brainstorming for "Lungs", so the chaos must not be a great surprise. What I did do however, marked the start of the action, so here goes to dismembering demons.

Things Accomplished in Real Life:

I passed the first test today. Am hoping for 80-90% score, but I had no idea how one problem should be solved and that may steal more points than I would have liked. In the mean time, I spent Friday and the weekend, working as a receptionist [the hotel was open for a meeting of the Bulgarian Psychologists & the lobby music consisted of Tom Jones The Very Best, which can kill anybody's creativity after listening to him for 36 hours] to make some money and bought the textbooks I need, which I should have bought ages ago.

So this is it in a nutshell.


Charles Gramlich said...

Bulgarian psychologists? That sounds like a fun group.

Harry Markov said...

It is & was well mannered, too. :)