Sunday, April 25, 2010

Internet: The Silent Addiction


As a continuation from yesterday's post, where I have unmasked the spell checker as a possible instigator of embarrassing spelling crimes, I am know admitting my serious Internet addiction, which was highlighted recently by my Internet provider's incompetent service.

Supposedly, in the 21st century the simple matter of maintaining a stable connection should not pose an issue to the technical prowess and progress of Internet providers. However, as always, my modest home PC has to make an exception. What makes this bizarre beyond reality should allow is that the instability is seasonal. Every year [for three years now] around May/June the network comes and goes as if shrouded by magical mists and I have to restart the modem from 10 to 30 times a session on the PC... And this continues for months. Supposedly October is the month, when this shit stops, but I am not paying every month for a non-existent connection, so I am pissed all the time, because I need the Internet.

The story continues... I call the provider, they say things that do not really come. Technicians come and the Internet is at its model behavior, but the second they leave it crashes as fast as you can say 'fudge'. Because right now, Internet is vital to me [in the middle of a complicated paper for university] and because there is no other supplier near me [lucky me] I have cornered the provider and the quest continues. Tomorrow I think that I will have another visit, because it is not the modem, it is not the software and I am murderous.

Which I shouldn't be, because after all, Internet is not THAT important to get all worked up for and apart from the project for what other vital reason do I need the Internet. None. There is Twitter, there is Google Reader, there is blogging and the inbox, but these are meant for fun use or at least I do not work such a job, where these are the tools of my trade. While everything is fine with the connection, I can think that I am not really dependent on the Internet, but when it crashed, boy, I realize how dependent I am.

So what now? Well, I am going to get thing fixed as far as it allows, because I think I am way too addicted to rest, until in my subconscious mind I know all is fine.

By the way, do you think you are addicted to the Internet?


Charles Gramlich said...

I remember how upset I got when we moved and I was without internet for about a week. Sure did highlight my own addiction

Harry Markov said...

I was actually praying to start work as soon as possible so that I could have the perfect connection...

Thankfully, it got fixed.